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Six Month Smile vs Regular Orthodontics

Six month smile is different than regular orthodontics in that, first of all, it’s the time frame. The patient isn’t in the braces for a long period of time. Most adults don’t want to be in braces for one, two, three years. We aren’t correcting major bite discrepancies like you would do in a child, because most of the time by the time they’re adults, their bite, they’re getting along fine. We always offer comprehensive orthodontics for the first choice. But when the patient says, I really don’t want to go with the braces, then we say, we have this option for you.

Crooked teeth are not exclusive to teenagers or young people. More and more adults, working professionals, college students and parents are seeing their dentists to get straight, even teeth. Many patients don’t have the time or are unwilling to commit to a long-term orthodontic plan, which can take up to two years or more.

If you’re unhappy about your smile but hate the thought of spending years wearing metal braces, your dentist in Holly, MI can help. Dr. Hunter offers the innovative Six Month Smiles cosmetic dental braces. This system can give you a gorgeous smile in as little as six months!

Get Straight Teeth in Six Months

How can you straighten your teeth in six months? The secret is targeted force. The Six Month Smiles system focuses on your “smile line” or teeth that show when you smile. The system combines the effectiveness of metal braces with the aesthetic advantages of clear aligners. Nearly invisible brackets and tooth-colored wires are used to reposition your front teeth slowly and gently. You will need to see Dr. Hunter only a few times for adjustments.

Other benefits of Six Month Smiles:

  • Very affordable (more affordable than aligner therapy)
  • Short treatment time means less discomfort and hassle than regular braces
  • Few adjustments required
  • Almost invisible
  • Fits an adult’s busy lifestyle

Six Month Smiles

Six month smiles has really been a great asset for a lot of our patients that have teeth that, they don’t like to smile, they don’t like the way their teeth look. Its short term, the average time is six months. The braces are either tooth colored or clear, so it’s hard to even tell that
they have the braces on. Instead of maybe going with full crowning of teeth if they don’t want to do that, six month smile is a great option for those people. We’ve had some good results with it and I’ve had some very happy patients when we’re finished with the treatments. It generally isn’t’ anything that’s for young children, because children need to be treated idealistically, whereas adults we treat realistically

Is Six Month Smiles Right for You?

Six Month Smiles is ideal for people with crooked or gapped front teeth but with good bite in the back. Six Month Smiles can be more effective than traditional braces for the right candidate.

The best way to find out if Six Month Smiles is right for you is to give us a call at
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schedule a complimentary consultation online with your Holly, MI dentist.